Tan Luxe VS. Isle Of Paradise

Which tanning facial drops are better? The million dollar question.

Disclaimer, I am no ‘self tan guru’ I am honestly pretty bad at applying self tanner to my entire body. That being said, I know there is a lot of discussion around both the TL & IOP self tanning drops, they are EVERYWHERE. So I wanted to do what any smart 24 year old does, spend my money on both drops instead of just one, to see which one is better. Here we go.

I started off using the IOP drops in the shade dark. I bought them in January of 2019 right when they started to become popular. Right off the bat I liked them, they did their job, weren’t streaky, just a nice summer glow. With my Italian/Greek genes, my skin holds a light tan all year round. With the added tint to my face, I didn’t look like a cheeto! Win win. But then, the more I used them the more I felt like they stopped working for me. No matter how many drops I added to my moisturizer I wouldn’t wake up with that summer glow. I eventually stopped using them, then they expired (which all makeup/skincare products do!! don’t forget) and I decided why not try the Tan Luxe drops & see how they compare.

I did mix my IOP drops with my body moisturizer before, not sure if that’s allowed but I did it anyway? I did see a big difference doing this, no streaks!! I know some people don’t like the smell of fake tanner but neither of these products had a ‘bad’ smell to me.

Fast forward to the Sephora sale this year, I purchased the Tan Luxe drops since I was getting them for 20% off. They are more expensive than the IOP drops, $20 more. TL retails for $49 while IOP retails for $29. (Honestly I didn’t realize they were so different in price until right now when I looked it up, oops). Anyway, a lot of people were talking about how the TL drops were the best, so I purchased them in the medium/dark shade. I’ve been using them for a few weeks now & I really like them. I am doing the same number of drops, 4, into my moisturizer at night. I wake up the next morning so tan, they really do work so well. They don’t leave me orange, more like a super dark Caribbean vaca kind of tan. The tan also lasts for days, I am still tan on the 3rd day, after washing my face twice a day. The IOP drops wouldn’t last that long on my skin. Not sure if it has to do with my skin type or what, but the TL are working better for me. That being said I could change my mind in a few months, but for right now I prefer the TL drops.

Linked everything I talked about here: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/2viL0ODXFy5hOf2sfQwfmi. Including the moisturizer I use to mix my drops with & the DE sunshine drops I use the next morning. I mix those into my moisturizer the morning after I tan my face, for a little extra glow.

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