What I Wasted my $$ on This Week: A Memoir

I figured since I’m online shopping like a mad woman why not show you guys what I’m purchasing! This is going to be all over the place with absolutely no theme.

  • My doctor told me I should be taking a probiotic, so I ordered these Olly gummies. I take their women’s multi-vitamin everyday so why not add more to the family.
  • I saw that Jonathan Adler was having a sale so I hopped on that real quick. I bought this gold & white zebra stacking dish for my nightstand. Goes with my room perfectly. Currently out of stock unfortunately.
  • Went to Target for the first time in a while & obviously came back with random items. First off was this frank body scrub, my new favorite body exfoliator. Also picked up this gold frame for above my bed.
  • Hoped on the basic insta girl train & bought the Chanel hand cream. Aesthetically pleasing & also smells amazing.
  • Had to run into Anthro to return something for my mom and I saw this bag on my way out, I couldn’t leave without it. I’ve been wearing it cross body as an over-sized fanny pack esque look. Super cute.
  • & lastly, my next addition to my gold necklace stack, this M pendant from Amazon. I switched out the chain it came on, but the pendant is perfect & such high quality.

Linked everything here: https://www.liketoknow.it/ltk/2O9neeki0g9t7Y7EQHUgjU

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